Angela Gheorghiu Homage to Maria CallasOpera AriasGreat Opera AriasMy PucciniAngela Gheorghiu Mysterium

Johnny Răducanu Jazz bestament - paris 2005Jazz Made in Romania

Lucian Ban

Maria Răducanu Ziori

Maria Tănase maria tanase magic birdmaria tanase ciuleandraMalédiction d'Amour

Nicolae Simion balkan_jazzTransylvanian Dance [1995]

Radu Lupu Lupu_LegendaryLupu_MurrayLupu_SchubertLupu_SchumannLupu_BeethovenLupu6RaduLupuComplete

Raluca Ştirbăţ Enescu_piano Enescu: Complete Works for Piano Solo

Shaun Davey Voices from the Merry Cemetery


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