ROMANIA: Textile Museum

Muzeul Textilelor (Textile Museum) is a private museum that will exhibit the textiles in the FARZ Collection (Florica, Ana and Romulus Zaharia Collection). As well as textiles, the Collection includes tools used in traditional textile production worldwide throughout history; a rich reference collection of fibers, dyes, and textile structures; and a textile related library.

The idea of a textile museum grew slowly from collecting Romanian textiles, in the seventies, merely for their beauty, to the institution that it is today, where textiles are preserved, researched and shared with specialists in the field and with the public.
The Muzeul Textilelor will open at three locations, two in Băiţa, and one in Hărţăgani village, all in Hunedoara Region, România. The area is surrounded by the Metalliferous Mountains of the Western Carpathians. The Museum’s main location, Corp A, will be in an 1857 historic house located in the center of Băiţa. The house and its garden are currently under restoration. The garden will be made into a tinctorial and textile fiber related garden. Corp B, including administrative spaces, laboratory, conference space and an art café, will be in a sixties building that used to be the general store of Băiţa. The edifice’s exterior is currently under renovation. The Museum’s Corp C, which will focus on textile production typical of Hunedoara Region exemplified by artifacts and a textile fiber related garden, will be in a farm house located in Hărţăgani village. It has five constructions, three of these are signed by Tripon Petru, 1902 and 1912, and by Popa Aron, 1936. n the farm there is also a Piua use to produce felted fabric, which was acquisitioned in 2005 from the Bulzeștiul de Jos village.

The opening to the public of the Corps B and C will be on May 28, 2018. We aim to complete the restoration of the historic house in 2019, and to open it to the public in 2020.

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