BUCOVINA: The Egg Painter

The Easter tradition of dying eggs is practiced by people all over the world, but in Ciocanesti, a small village in Romania’s northern region of Bukovina, this tradition has evolved into an art form. Exquisitely hand painted with intricate traditional designs, each of these eggs takes hours to create and is among the things the people here are most proud of. This docu-short offers a glimpse into the art and craft of egg painting. A film by: Titus-Armand Napirlica (armannd.com) Egg Painter: Elena Craciunescu (elena.incondeietoare@gmail.com) Music: Johnny Ripper (johnnyripper.bandcamp.com) With the Support of: Dorin Dumitru Taranu (totuldesprehostel.ro)

Incredible Egg Art Will Awe You – National Geographic

Muzeul Internaţional al Ouălor Încondeiate “Lucia Condrea” Moldoviţa, Suceava


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