SALINA TURDA: Underground Theme Park

The Romanian underground theme park in medieval mine
Salina Turda

Where’s the sun? Feat of engineering lets you holiday UNDERGROUND in a medieval salt mine that boasts a fairground and even a boating lake

  • Romania’s Turda salt mine complex was dug in medieval times to harvest medicinal salt
  • In the early years, the ‘staircase of the rich people’ provided access to the depths of the mines
  • Rudolpf mine is deepest in the complex at 137 ft (42 metres), 196 ft (50 metres) wide and 262 ft (80 metres) long
  • It’s now been transformed into a theme park with a ferris wheel, miniature golf and a salty boating lake
  • Microclimate also offers health benefits especially for people with respiratory difficulties because of humidity
  • There are said to be ‘virtually zero’ allergens in the mines as well as pathogenic yeasts or fungi

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