The 36th Göteborg International Film Festival

Beyond the HillsBeyond the Hills
Cristian Mungiu, Rumänien, 2012
Tuesday: 29/1 20.30
Wednesday: 30/1 20.00

Everybody In Our FamilyEverybody In Our Family
Radu Jude, Rumänien, 2012
Friday: 25/1 20.00
Saturday: 26/1 22.30
Tuesday: 29/1 13.00
Saturday: 2/2 19.45

Of Snails and MenOf Snails and Men
Tudor Giurgiu, Frankrike/Rumänien, 2012
Thursday: 31/1 15.00
Friday: 1/2 22.00
Saturday: 2/2 19.30
Sunday: 3/2 15.00


Marian Crisan, Tyskland/Frankrike/Rumänien, 2012
Wednesday: 30/1 20.00
Saturday: 2/2 15.00

F I L M   F E S T I V A L S

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