BOOKS: Stories, Legends and Fairy Tales

Old Romanian Fairytales
Old Romanian Fairytales by Mirela Roznoveanu

Romanian Fairy TalesRomanian Fairy Tales
by Mite Kremnitz and J. M. Percival

Romanian Fairy Tales (Romanian Edition)Romanian Fairy Tales (Romanian Edition)
by Vidu Ruxandra and Diana Andriuca

Romanian Fairy Tales- And LegendsRomanian Fairy Tales: And Legends (1881)
by E. B. Mawer

Romanian Fairy Tales and LegendsRomanian Fairy Tales and Legends (Forgotten Books)
by E. B. Mawr

Stories, Legends and Fairy TalesStories, Legends and Fairy Tales
Povesti, Basme si Legende
(Multilingual Edition)

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Mihai Malaimare Jr.: The Master

Rolling Stone – The Master

Time out to honor the astonishing look of The Master. Projected in the large-frame 70mm process Anderson favors, the film engulfs you. High praise to genius cinematographer Mihai Malaimare Jr. (Youth Without Youth, Tetro and Twixt), whose visual poetry is matched by Jonny Greenwood’s haunting, hypnotic score. For their enthralling work alone, you’d follow The Master anywhere.

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