Haţeg: Dinosaurs Valley

valea dinozaurilorGeoparcul dinozaurilor din Haţeg
descoperiri palentologice

Hateg Country Dinosaurs Geopark

ŢARA HAŢEGULUI: Valea Dinozaurilor


The fabulous Hateg Country Dwarf Dinosaurs are the best known dinosaurs of Europe. They are telling the world one of the most fascinating episodes of the Earth’s History, the great extinction of dinosaurs at the end of Cretaceous, 68 Million Years ago. But in the case of Hateg Country, there is more to be told about rocks and fossils.

The history of the Hateg Country is spanning more than 300 million years of history when the Earth surface was completely different than today. The rocks and fossils found now were formed in places and environments like coral reefs, volcanic island in the Tethys Sea populated by dinosaurs and other reptiles, primitive mammals and birds, or continental areas covered by Ice Age glaciers.

The geopark is guiding the visitors in geo-trails to discover the Retezat type granite, metamorphic rocks, bauxite quarries, reef limestone, areas of volcanic activity, fossil sites, karst and cave systems.

The History of the Haţeg Basin

The Dwarf Dinosaurs of Haţeg Island


The Island of Dwarf Dinosaurs | Romania Rocks – Dinosaurus Geopark

plural-magazin: The Hateg Country Dinosaurs Geo-park

C I T I N E R A R I E S : Hunedoara


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