Cultural Heritage: Romanian Monastery Golia

Romanian monastery Golia receives EU cultural heritage award


“In giving this award the jury took many factors into consideration. The solutions brought about were an obvious consequence of thorough research and studies, resulting in a monument gloriously reinstated to its former beauty and grandeur. The functionality now presents a suitable and educational outcome, enhancing the cultural and touristic value of the area and the whole region. At the same time, the project allows the rhythm and rules of monastic life to proceed at its traditional pace. It is an example of a sustainable strategic development program.”

Paraschiva Kovacs, Satu Mare, Harghita County, ROMANIA

“As a schoolteacher in a small community she has dedicated over 40 years of her life to the inventory and preservation of the artifacts of the past, as symbols of living heritage for a community. Thanks to her personal investment, her pedagogic talent, her professional skills, convincing power and contagious enthusiasm she created for several generations a different attitude and behaviour towards local history and heritage preservation.
She is an extraordinary example for those modest, dedicated people all over Europe who without many resources succeed in raising awareness on the importance of the preservation of the past for the benefit of the future.”

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