DOCUMENTARY: Wild Carpathia

Travel Channel

Join Charlie Ottley as he ventures deep into the breath-taking but little known mountains and forests of Carpathia. Home to bears, wolves and the elusive Lynx and little known to the rest of the world, this is perhaps the last great wilderness in Europe, seen as never before. We will provide you with a unique insight into the beauty and rich culture of the region exploring its chequered history from the mystical ruins of the ancient Dacian civilisations to its medieval communities, many of which survive intact to this day. In his quest to find remote villages, cross mountains and spot bears in the wild, Charlie meets a dedicated group of individuals whose passion for this area is helping to redefine its importance as one of the great surviving wonders of the natural world. These include a Transylvanian count who is working to conserve some of the most ancient of Carpathia’s medieval villages and His Royal Highness Prince Charles, who can trace his ancestry back to Romania’s dark and distant past. Wild Carpathia captures the fragile majesty of a unique eco-system and shows why it deserves to be preserved in all its glory for the benefit of future generations and the survival of Europe’s most endangered carnivores. The full program will show on Travel Channel via European satellite networks on October 30th at 8.00 (less info)

Probabil cel mai frumos FILM despre România: “WILD CARPATHIA” sau cum a făcut Prinţul Charles din ţara noastră bijuteria Coroanei

Cum este înrudit Prinţul Charles cu Dracula?

VIDEO Prinţul Charles promovează Transilvania într-un documentar de o oră


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