LITERATURE: Mircea Cărtărescu

The Jury recognized the Romanian poet, essayist and narrator as “a multifaceted writer […] who is part of the tradition of world literature, questioning his readers all over the world from a dreamlike and existential point of view”.

Mircea Cărtărescu, FIL Literature Prize 2022

Mircea Cărtărescu, distins cu Premiul pentru Literatură în Limbi Romanice în cadrul Târgului Internațional de Carte de la Guadalajara

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Fetita pe care au lasat-o în urma


On a freezing night in January 1941, a little Jewish girl is found on the steps of an apartment building in Bucharest. With Romania recently allied with the Nazis, the Jewish population is in grave danger so the girl is placed in an orphanage and eventually adopted by a wealthy childless couple who name her Natalia. As she assimilates into her new life, she all but forgets the parents who were forced to leave her behind.

A story not to be repeated, a book to read. Happy National Read a Book Day!

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CELEBRATION: Romanian Language Day

Romanian Language Day is celebrated every year on August 31 as a result of a legislative initiative of 2011 voted by the Romanian Parliament under Law no. 53/2013. It was established, symbolically, on the same date as the similar celebration established in 1990 in Moldova under the name “Our Language” to convey the message that the Romanian language is a language spoken not only within the borders of the country, but also beyond them.

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